Calvin Vail (born August 18, 1995) better known as LeafyIsHere, or simply just Leafy, is a popular youtuber. He does rants about specific topics with gameplay in the background. He plays games such as Overwatch, Doom, A Story About My Uncle, and CS:GO. Like Bryan, both of their channels got big this year. Both of them are considered to be cyberbully channels. Calvin appears in "REACTING TO Jacob Sartorius NEW SONG Sweatshirt (Ft.LeafyisHere)" on Bryan's channel. They were supposed to collab again to react to Jacob's new single, Hit or Miss, but Calvin already made a video about it.


  • Calvin attended the University of Utah.
  • Calvin's fans often spam "Hisssss" in youtube comments, twitch streams, and more.
  • Calvin doesn't like Keemstar or Onision.

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